Shane Lindley Headshot

The Work:

Professionally, Shane has over 15 years’ experience leading product and content teams at some of the world’s most recognized entertainment brands, including Disney, NBCUniversal, DreamWorks Animation and the BBC.

Key Skills:

Product Vision | Product Strategy | Product Development

Inclusive Collaboration | Team Leadership | Stakeholder Relationships

Content Strategy | Content Production | Audience Research

The Play:

Outside of work, Shane enjoys thoughtful walks in the woods, painting, paddle boarding, LEGO, and games of all kinds. Current favorites include Root, AIDungeon and no doubt, the latest update to Fortnite!

Who Is Imaginary Eric?

As a child, Eric was Shane’s imaginary friend and sidekick on countless adventures. Today, Eric represents Shane’s endless curiosity to explore, experiment and engage users, fans, customers, and audiences with innovative entertainment experiences.