Blue Peter

Blue Peter – the longest running children’s show in the world, and a British institution. Someone once described it to me as, “The Oprah of kids T.V.” I started working for B.P. in 2007, creating content to tie in with the twice-weekly show, sometimes broadcast live. Being responsible for the Blue Peter Book Club allowed me to work closely with a range of high profile authors and publishers. Between organizing Interns, and delivering multimedia content, I was also able to contribute ideas for feature slots on the show.

Show/Brand Development

In 2007 I took the opportunity to spend two months in Chicago, conceptualizing ideas to pitch to the BBC Children’s commissioning executives. I returned to London with four treatments for cross-platform concepts each featuring both a broadcast and interactive element, and while I successfully passed the first pitching stage, my ideas were not chosen for commission. Despite this, I still learned an immense amount about directing my creativity and the overall commissioning process. I am positively seeking further possibilities to create my own children’s brand with a strong multi-platform foundation.

Children’s BBC Games

Producing the Games section for one of the world’s biggest children’s websites was both an honor and a challenge. Play-testing games and writing reviews was only half the fun though! I project managed new games, handled relationships with all the major games companies, and contributed to the conceptual development of many T.V. tie-in brands. Combining all my previous experiences, I was able to depart, having planned a site re-design and identified a strategy for strengthening CBBC’s overall games offering.

Children’s BBC Search

Progressing from my work as a Moderator, I took over the reigns of CBBC Search. This self-contained search tool allows young web users to find appropriate content outside of the CBBC website, that fell within the site’s editorial remit. While not a completely “walled garden”, the site offered a much safer alternative to using a regular search engine. This role involved working alongside several other departments in the BBC and allowed me to gain a firm understanding of information architecture and web standards.

Children’s BBC Community/Message Boards

I started working as an Online Community Moderator for BBC Children’s Interactive in 2004. This still ranks as one of my funnest jobs ever! Being involved with a huge online community of kids, as well as a parenting community was incredibly insightful and had a deep impact on my view of how young people consume media. At the same time the role gave me a strong sense of editorial judgment, particularly concerning best practice for child safety in a web environment.

The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

My big break in kids media came as an Intern/Project Coordinator for the CICFF – a popular Chicago event, now in it’s 26th year. I was tasked with a range of projects, most importantly scoping the possibility of hosting the world’s first online children’s film festival. This was back in the days before streaming video sites like YouTube were around, which made it a challenging process, but before I returned to London I was able to deliver a comprehensive project proposal.

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