Mr. Burns wins the Cartoon Villain Showdown!

Mr. Burns
The dust has settled on the most terrible tournament ever devised, and it’s dust of the most dirty kind. It seems like only yesterday that 16 vile contestants started on a twisted path to determine who was the meanest meanie of them all, but after 6 weeks of crafty competition, only one bad guy remains. He’s not only been terrorizing our television sets since 1989, but he’s also been voted one of the worst people to work for of all time. His name, Charles Montgomery Burns.

That’s Mr. Burns to you or I.

Words escape me when I think of all the dastardly deeds this man has committed over the years. From trying to block out the sun over Springfield, to kidnapping Tom Jones… er, ok he might be let off the hook for that one, but my point remains, he is a bad, bad old man . He even managed to single-handedly steal a trillion dollar bill from the U.S. government – Chrysler, Ford and GM together haven’t been able to top that one! I digress, but when it comes to being the baddest baddie on the block, Mr. Burns has enough dirty tricks up his sleeve to send your average villain running to the nearest underground lair.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Cartoon Villain Showdown. There were plenty of surprises, and some of the biggest names dropped out earlier than expected. Eric and I had a lot of fun putting it all together. Stay tuned over the next couple of months, we already have another contest planned.

Sprockets 2009

Just a quickie this time, but an important one. The Sprockets 2009 Film Festival for Children is taking place in Toronto right now.

Arguably one of the biggest children’s film fests in the world, it has a whopping 70 films, 29 features and 41 shorts on offer this year, as well as a range of workshops and activities, aimed at teaching kids about media and the world around them. It’s an enlightening experience, so what are you waiting for? Get there now!

Okay, so hopping over to Canada may not be on your current agenda, but there are film festivals all over the place and I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve been to several on both sides of the pond, and have had always had a memorable time. See if there’s one in your area this year, and mark it in your calendar.

The Cartoon Villain Showdown – Final Round!

It’s been a long and surprise-filled road, but the final round of the Cartoon Villain Showdown is upon us! Sixteen of the most nefarious ne’er do wells started in this tournament, now only two remain. Mr. Burns was able to overcome Eric’s personal choice, Wile E. Coyote, and Feather’s McGraw was finally foiled by The Brain. So who will win? It’s almost too diabolical to imagine!

Of course the final winner is up to you – just leave a comment, or drop Eric and I an email and we’ll work out the final result. This being such an important decision to make, we’re accepting entries for two weeks, until April 20th. Choose carefully, and get voting!


The Final Four Tournament

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally down to the final four! No, I’m not talking about the March Madness basketball tournament, but the Cartoon Villain Showdown!

This time, the cartoon villains of the 80’s were both conclusively eliminated, as Wile E. Coyote out-foxed Skeletor, and Mr. Burns beat Megatvillains_wk41ron. Excellent.

Feather’s McGraw beat Dick Dastardly, proving penguins are even harder to catch than pidgeons, and finally The Brain took one step closer to taking over the world by winning against Bluto.

The final match-up is just around the corner, so get voting for who you want to make it to the last round – winners will be announced on Friday, so hurry!

Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

I feel a wild rumpus coming on…

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards


There’s nothing like an award show to get the blogging fingers twitching, and this Saturday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be hosting the 2009 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, from UCLA. In keeping with the voting theme Eric and I have had going on the site for a while, I thought I’d share my thoughts about some of this years nominees.

The Good

Two of the yellowest icons in cartoon history go head-to-head this time; SpongeBob SquarePants and The Simpsons. SpongeBob won the Favorite Cartoon award for five years running, before losing out for the first time to Avatar: The Last Airbender last year. We’ll see if the little fella’s got his game back this time around, but don’t count out competition from The Fairly OddParents and Phineas & Ferb.

The live action television nominations the year feature usual suspects, Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody as well as, surprisingly, Zoey 101, which ceased production back in May of last year. I’m hoping iCarly gets the nod. It’s a genuinely funny, and charming show which has more intelligence than other offerings aimed at the same demographic. Of course I’m biased towards anything that involves a cross-platform element, and iCarly achieves this well.Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

The Bad

“Hey Kids! As responsible adults with an understanding of how media influences your little lives, we all know you’re familiar with the crrrazy antics of Batman and Robin back in the 60’s. This is why we’re sure you can totally identify the difference between that retro rascal, The Joker and his modern interpretation – you know, the little scamp with a penchant for sticking knives in people’s mouths? BAZAM!”

I’m not going to go off on a tangent about what’s suitable for kids to watch or not, but seriously, someone forgot what the first letter of KCA stands for. Just be sure to cover your ears if Christian Bale has to give an acceptance speech. KAPOW!

The Interactive

Kid-voters essentially get two choices this year – plumbers or rockers, because two Mario games are going up against melodic mashers, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Interestingly, perhaps even expectedly, the Nintendo presence is unmistakable. Two of the games are Wii exclusives, and the other two are both strong sellers on the Nintendo console. I admit, there’s a lot of competition between the pair of music games, but two Mario games as well is a touch too much. Mario Super Sluggers – really? What about Little Big Planet?

This leaves me wondering; why do the KCA’s have no award category for websites or online games? I’m not suggesting the big brands throw their massive sites into the mix, but smaller, quirkier, new innovative websites could create some buzz. In England, BAFTA has had an award category for online/multimedia content since 2002 – I should know, we had their award statues all over the place when I worked at CBBC. The Internet is every bit a part of kid’s lives, if not more so, than television and video games, so it’s a no-brainer to give some recognition to the online medium. Come to think of it, I’d be more than happy to submit some suggestions for next year. Hmmm…

Cartoon Villain Showdown – Week 2 Winners!

This post is a special one, as it’s being written in a lovely little coffee shop on Michigan Avenue, Chicago! Eric and I are doing our best to update the Imaginary Eric Twitter page often, so keep an eye on it.

Another week, another batch of animated arch-enemies fall by the wayside. Yes, sixteen bad-guys have been announced in the Cartoon Villain Showdown, but now we’re left with eight final contestants – the very cream of mean.

Skeletor proved too much for little Invader Zim to handle. Megatron showed Cyril Sneer that it takes more than chomping on a cigar all the time to be considered truly naughty. Size, it seems, really does matter when it comes to evil scheming, as Dick Dastardly convincingly beat modern meanie, Plankton. And finally, tricksy schemer, The Brain polished off Gargamel – hats off to Chad for remembering the name of Gargamel’s cat by the way, even Eric couldn’t remember that one!

Things are getting very interesting now we’re down to the second round. Without any time to waste, get voting on your favorite villains. The next group of winners will be announced on Friday.


Cartoon Villain Showdown – Week 2!

Hold on to your hats, the next batch of ne’er-do-wells are upon us!

Strangers have been stopping me in the street lately and asking the same question, time and time again – “Shane, how do you pick which villains will be included in the contest?” Eric and I thought we’d take you behind the scenes for a little preview.

There’s a detailed list of criteria that each underhanded applicant has to meet, for instance, average number of foiled attempts at evilness, ratio of evil laughs to evil deeds etc. These statistics are then tallied up and multiplied by the mean (very mean) average of cronies/lackeys and then… look, it’s a detailed science that only Eric and I have been able to perfect over the years, and even then it’s not exact.

The only true way to find out who’s the baddest is to vote, so without further ado we give you the final batch of baddies in the Cartoon Villain Showdown!


Cartoon Villain Showdown – Week 1 Winners!

The dust has settled from the first round of malicious match-ups, leaving us with four less villains than we started with.

Wile E. Coyote, was able to out-fox Team rocket, most likely with the help from an Acme product or three. Angelica proved she needed to take a leaf out of Maggie Simpson’s book if she had any hope of defeating nasty old Mr. Burns. Dr. Claw was the only contender in the whole first round who didn’t get a vote, proving that if you can’t beat a clutz like Inspector Gadget, you’re not going to stand a chance against big bad Bluto. And finally Feather’s McGraw saw off one of my favorites, Shredder – be sure to keep an eye on him, he’s sure to go far.

Eric and I would like to thank everyone for voting this week, we had a great response, especially from Kelvin with his in-depth analysis… he’s surely a criminal mastermind in waiting! Maybe that should be a Linkedin recommendation?

Be sure to check back on Monday for the next round of matches, we have some fiendish surprises for you!

It’s time for the Cartoon Villain Showdown!

Here it is folks, the greatest showdown of all time. 16, yes sixteen, of the meanest, sneakiest, most fiendish cartoon villains the world has ever known, clashing together for the very first time to establish one thing – who is the beastliest baddy.

The names of the crafty contestants have been randomly selected from a hat, (a cowboy hat, actually) and the first round of match-ups selected. This week, eight villains will be battling, with the other mystery eight being revealed next Monday. All you have to do is leave a comment or email me, and vote for who you think should win. Easy… diabolically easy! Don’t worry if there’s a certain character you don’t know, just guess.

The winners will be announced each Friday and go through to the next round. So what are you waiting for? Get voting, and may the worst weasel win!


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