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Making Your Big Break In Kids Media

Eric and I recently received a lovely letter from someone in El Salvador. Claudia is a recent graduate who really wants to take her career into the world of children’s media and wanted some advice on how to get involved – what better reason to write a blog post? All the usual clichés of the […]

Children’s Brand Timeline

My second Thanksgiving in the U.S. has been and gone, and while I enjoyed most of it relaxing and playing iPhone games, Eric has been very busy creating the long list of squiggles and boxes on the left – it’s a children’s brand timeline. Actually, I helped a bit, so blame any mistakes on me. […]

How time flies

Eric and I have been putting together content for this site for a few weeks now, and we’re both amazed by how things have flowed. I’ve surprised myself, both in a good and not-so-good way, and Eric is impressed that I’ve not yet written any “top 10” lists. I am working on it though. I’ve […]


Hello there! Thanks for reading my very first post. So what’s this website all about? Well, it’s naive of me to start a project as organic as this by reeling off a list of what Imaginary Eric will become, but my biggest aspiration is for this site to become a useful resource of news and […]

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