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I’m shamefully late on writing this, but the winners of the 2010 Readers Choice Awards were recently announced, so Eric and I wanted to extend our congratulations. The category for best website for kids had two great winners – Ziggity Zoom and Disney Digital Books. Take a look here to find out more about […] Readers Choice awards

Don’t miss your chance to vote for the best website for kids in the Reader’s Choice Awards. This year’s exciting list of nominations are: Knee Bouncers PBS Kids Dreambox Disney Digital Books Ziggity Zoom But wait there’s more! are also giving another award for the best virtual world. The list of contenders are […]

A New Approach To Online Safety

This Wednesday, Washington, D.C. hosts the third annual Family Online Safety Institute Conference. Nearly 400 web safety experts from around the world will be attending the event, which aims to address a range of issues children face when they use the internet. What’s most intriguing about this years conference is the new perspective many experts […]

Play Time: FarmVille

Do you remember when poking someone on Facebook was fun? I know, it’s been a long time for me too. It didn’t end there though did it? The poke gave way to the super-poke, which begot the pillow fight before mellowing into a hatching egg. By this point most of us got wise to the […]

Play Time: Meet Milo

If you’ve been following my Tweets lately, you might have noticed I’ve been fretting over the lack of creativity in console gaming these days. There are still great games being made, but it feels like no matter what the next big release is, it’s all been done before. Looking at the current generation of consoles, […]

Play Time: Augmented Reality Games

***Warning*** To fully appreciate the futuristic coolness of this post, you ARE required to wear a Tron suit. First of all, what’s all this Augmented Reality business about? Wikipedia says it’s basically a mix of real-world images and computer generated graphics, brought together in real time. Think of the old Playstation iToy and you’re on […]

Play Time: Orisinal

Anyone who’s worked with me in the past five or so years will tell you, as soon as I find an online game I like, I won’t just email you the link, I’ll chase you down and make sure you play it. Thankfully I don’t find games that are mass-email-worthy that often, but for those […]

Play Time: Lego Star Wars

Remember a few posts ago I was singing the praises of the Unity plug-in for Flash games? Well all that fancy 3D magic has been used in the latest Lego Star Wars mini game, The Quest for R2-D2. This is the first major brand I’ve seen using Unity, and it’s a bandwagon I would like […]

Video Game Violence Goes To The Supreme Court

I’ll keep the legal lingo in this post to a minimum, but this article caught my eye. California Attorney General, Jerry Brown, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are petitioning to the U.S. Supreme Court to have a law re-instated that bans minors from buying or renting violent video games. Apparently the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals […]

Spielberg On Video Games For The Family

“There’s not been convergence, [between video games and films] thus far. There will be. When it happens it will be dynamite” says director, Steven Spielberg in this Reuters interview. Concerned with the lack of games available for his family, Spielberg made his own; Boom Blox, for the Wii. Given his film background, the question inevitably […]

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