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When is it time to retire a children’s brand?

It has been brought to my attention that a certain large yellow creature of the avian variety, a vampire with a penchant for counting to ten, and a myriad other equally fantastical residents of a cozy New York suburb have been educating kids on televisions around the world for a staggering 40 years. Similarly, Paris […]

The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

For ten chilly fall days each year, the Windy City becomes the center of my children’s media world. Starting today, the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival will celebrate, not just 26 years of world-class children’s entertainment, but 26 years of empowering kids to become media literate and aware of the influence television, magazines and the […]

“When I Grow Up…”

The other day my wife and I were standing in line at Target, waiting to buy some G.I. Joe figures. As some of you may know, of all the brands that were a part of my childhood, the one that stands above all the others as my absolute favorite in the whole wide world is […]

Six Children’s Books That Need The Hollywood Treatment

Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times article has been causing a lot of talk in my Twitter-verse lately, regarding the best kids’ book ever, and what with the recent announcement of two of my favorite children’s reads being adapted for the silver screen, Eric and I have been thinking about some more books that need making […]

Curiouser And Curiouser

This week has started off proving to be quite the book-adaptation-fest. For starters, there’s been several gorgeously lavish pics released, revealing Tim Burton’s typically bizarre interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, or should I say, “Lewis Carroll’s, Tim Burton’s, Alice in Wonderland”? And then secondly, it’s been announced that the BBC is making a small-screen version […]

Sprockets 2009

Just a quickie this time, but an important one. The Sprockets 2009 Film Festival for Children is taking place in Toronto right now. Arguably one of the biggest children’s film fests in the world, it has a whopping 70 films, 29 features and 41 shorts on offer this year, as well as a range of […]

Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

I feel a wild rumpus coming on…

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