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Competing Opinions

I’m confused. It seems hardly a month goes by without a study being released showing how society is putting too much pressure on kids to achieve. Whether it’s sports, music, dancing or just good old-fashioned grades – you name the competition, there are bunches of families spending their yearly vacation travelling across the country so […]

So you think you know Webkinz, huh?

Sometimes the coolest insights come when you least expect them. Allow me to share a tale of some impromptu audience research I experienced recently, which for me, was both eye opening and humbling in equal measure. Narrowly impressing the chef judges more than the other player, we were awarded a bunch of KinzCash to spend […]

Only 8% Of Teens Watch TV Online

Here’s an article I’ve been pondering over for a few days. According to independent researcher Bruce Leichtman, just 8% of teenagers in the U.S. watch television online. My first reaction – nonsense! They’ve got it all wrong. Then I got thinking. Then I got analytical. Then I got realistic. And finally, I got surprised. Granted, […]

Rating the ratings

In case you haven’t read my About section yet, something you should know about me is I originally grew up and worked in London before moving to America last year. I spent a lot of time in the States in the past, but it’s never quite the same as living in a new place. I […]

Digital Youth Project

When was the last time you heard anyone use the term, “New Media” ? Last November, USC and Burkeley released results of a three-year study of the constantly evolving relationship children have with technology, significantly social networking sites, online games and gadgets like iPods and mobile phones. Long story short, it seems the Internet, aka, […]

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