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A Visit to Magic Town

Magic Town is a wonderful new virtual world experience for kids, that’s full of exciting stories and playful interactivity. The website is also supported by an iPad app that allows young users to enjoy Magic Town almost anywhere! Created by some very clever people at Mindshapes, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a conversation with […]

Ruby Skye P.I.

Mark your calendar, Ruby Skye P.I. is a brand new online detective series for tweens, premiering in October! 15-year-old Ruby is a detective-obsessed mystery solver, always looking for clues involving her friends and neighbors. You can follow her adventures via Twitter, FB and of course the Ruby Skye site. In the meantime, take a peek […]

Making Your Big Break In Kids Media

Eric and I recently received a lovely letter from someone in El Salvador. Claudia is a recent graduate who really wants to take her career into the world of children’s media and wanted some advice on how to get involved – what better reason to write a blog post? All the usual clichés of the […] Readers Choice Winners

I’m shamefully late on writing this, but the winners of the 2010 Readers Choice Awards were recently announced, so Eric and I wanted to extend our congratulations. The category for best website for kids had two great winners – Ziggity Zoom and Disney Digital Books. Take a look here to find out more about […]

Competing Opinions

I’m confused. It seems hardly a month goes by without a study being released showing how society is putting too much pressure on kids to achieve. Whether it’s sports, music, dancing or just good old-fashioned grades – you name the competition, there are bunches of families spending their yearly vacation travelling across the country so […] Readers Choice awards

Don’t miss your chance to vote for the best website for kids in the Reader’s Choice Awards. This year’s exciting list of nominations are: Knee Bouncers PBS Kids Dreambox Disney Digital Books Ziggity Zoom But wait there’s more! are also giving another award for the best virtual world. The list of contenders are […]

So you think you know Webkinz, huh?

Sometimes the coolest insights come when you least expect them. Allow me to share a tale of some impromptu audience research I experienced recently, which for me, was both eye opening and humbling in equal measure. Narrowly impressing the chef judges more than the other player, we were awarded a bunch of KinzCash to spend […]

Asterix’s Sky Celebration

This was too quirky for me to resist sharing! In celebration of Asterix’s 50th birthday, the French Air Patrol sky acrobatics team jetted off to paint a very special picture in the clouds…

Children’s Brand Timeline

My second Thanksgiving in the U.S. has been and gone, and while I enjoyed most of it relaxing and playing iPhone games, Eric has been very busy creating the long list of squiggles and boxes on the left – it’s a children’s brand timeline. Actually, I helped a bit, so blame any mistakes on me. […]

When is it time to retire a children’s brand?

It has been brought to my attention that a certain large yellow creature of the avian variety, a vampire with a penchant for counting to ten, and a myriad other equally fantastical residents of a cozy New York suburb have been educating kids on televisions around the world for a staggering 40 years. Similarly, Paris […]

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