Ruby Skye P.I.

Mark your calendar, Ruby Skye P.I. is a brand new online detective series for tweens, premiering in October!

15-year-old Ruby is a detective-obsessed mystery solver, always looking for clues involving her friends and neighbors. You can follow her adventures via Twitter, FB and of course the Ruby Skye site. In the meantime, take a peek at the trailer below.

You can also watch an interesting interview with Jill Golick, the creator of Ruby Skye P.I. Jill describes her vision of how the franchise will live across different platforms, particularly web and in print, as well as mentioning a iPad app.

I have just one question.

There are already several brands out there doing the cross-platform story-telling thing for tweens, like The Amanda Project and Sweety High, and now Ruby. They’re all primarily aimed at a female audience, and that’s great.

When are we going to see a boy-aimed brand like these?

Yes, I know the research. Boys use the internet differently, they’re not as collaborative, and it’s a struggle to get them to write more than a sentence. I’m also pretty certain boys like a good adventure with challenges, victories, or at least a good old fashioned fight. At least that’s what I gather from playing World of Warcraft, which I guess is as close as it gets to a male-aimed online community.

I’m positive, if it was done right, something like Ruby Skye, or all the other cross-platform brands, could work for boys, heck, even both sexes would be fantastic… a flirtatious moderation nightmare, but still, fantastic!

Does anyone else think it’s possible? Or am I going to have to create this thing myself?!


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    Hey Eric (and Shane),

    Thanks for this great post! I know Ruby is a girl, but just cause she’s female doesn’t mean the project won’t appeal to boys.

    Back before the dawn of time, when I first stared working in children’s media, the pundits and experts used to tell us that there could never be a female protagonist because girls would watch boys but boys would NEVER watch girls. That old adage proved to be false.

    We hope boys will enjoy Ruby Skye P.I. as much as girls will. After all, it’s a comedy mystery series — a genre that should appeal to everyone equally.

    On the other hand, we know that boys do enjoy a good male protagonist and part of building a transmedia franchise means that we have room to put each of our characters front and centre on different platforms. Hailey, Ruby’s little sister, already has a web series called Hailey Hacks. Don’t be surprised if a book, web series or video game turns up starring Ruby’s pal, Griffin.


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